NC LIVE @ The Carolina Theatre, August 21, 8 PM: Chatham Rabbits

As a precautionary measure related to COVID-19, NCLive@ has postponed the Chatham Rabbits CD Release Concert, originally scheduled for the Carolina Theatre of Durham on Friday, May 1, to Friday, August 21.

Join the Chatham Rabbits — singer-songwriters Austin and Sarah McCombie — for a special evening to celebrate the release of their sophomore album, The Yoke is Easy, The Burden is Full.   Out on May 1, 2020, “The Yoke” is an album for those that feel both more connected and out of touch than ever before. Co-written by the married couple and true to Chatham Rabbits roots, the lyrics tell stories of real, raw people, doing the best they can with the life they are living. The McCombies and their band tracked this album completely live in a lakeside cabin in rural Virginia. The title comes from the track “Oxen,” a crescendoing reminder that being tethered to another person or a whole community entirely does not negate the hard things in life — but it makes our days achingly beautiful and absolutely worth it.

Their music is as mesmerizing as it is earnest, but a hard-earned matter-of-factness, and sometimes even a darkness, creeps in around the edges of the harmonies. — STAR NEWS- WILMINGTON, NC

Nothing that falls a victim to the hunter’s gun throughout the entire confines of North Carolina can compare with the Chatham rabbit.”— CHATHAM RECORD, 1906 NOV 22